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Clothing Donations

Furniture Pick-Ups

The success of JF&CS depends on you. Your generous donation supports the work here at Jewish Family & Children's Service... thank you! You can feel a sense of pride in knowing that your donation, however big or small, will help to improve the lives of those in the community of Monmouth County and surrounding areas.

In order to schedule a pick-up of furniture, please forward a picture of each item along with your name, address and phone number to jfcsmonmouth2@gmail.com.  You should receive a response within 48 hours.  Pick-ups are usually scheduled a week in advance.

All items that are picked up become the sole property of JF&CS. Items can not be given directly to any employee. All items are to be brought back to the store and checked off as received.

  • All items must be approved for pick-up. If an item is not listed on the Pick-Up Form or was listed and is not being picked-up, you must contact Cathy directly for approval. If approved, all items must be logged on the Furniture Donation Sheet.   Items we are currently accepting.
  • Items with rips, stains or pet hair are not taken. If an item is not available for pick-up or is not determined by our Movers to be able to be picked-up, the items must be removed from the Furniture Donation Sheet and initialed by the donator.   Items we are not currently accepting.
  • Boxed or bagged items will be listed as the number of boxes/bags in total (unless an itemized inventory list is provided).
  • Upon leaving the residence, the donator will sign-off on all items JF&CS has received.

You should receive your Tax Deductible Receipt for items donated in about two weeks time. Keep this letter for tax purposes. As always, we do not provide a dollar value for any items listed, this should be discussed with you accountant, or you can get information on general donation amounts at the IRS website located at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p561.pdf.

Proceeds from items sold benefit the Programs and Services at JF&CS such as our Food Pantry, Counseling & First Step Programs: Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Parenting and Substance Abuse.

Clothing Donations

       JF&CS currently accepts donations of gently used clothing, shoes, belts, pocketbooks and costume jewelry.  Please photo all items for tax purposes before items are boxed or bagged for pick-up.  Items can be dropped off at any time the store is open.  A tax deductible donation letter ill be mailed in 5-10 business days.                               

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